Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Max and Grandma have been doing a lot of drawing since she got to Viceneza, which Max is greatly enjoying. He has even decided that only grandma can open up the crayons these days, not mom!
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My good friend from college Caitlin came from London to visit us this last weekend. And Max showed her how to play recorder.
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While Caitlin was visiting we went to the Hill town of Asolo. Asolo is know for it's arts culture and was a center for literature, theater, and poetry since the 1400's. The town was started by a woman named Caterina Cornaro who was awarded the realm of Asolo for her help in (unsuccessfully) keeping the Turks out of Cyprus.
There were beautiful window displays of foods, jewlery, furniture, and art.
Max found a sculpture he wanted to take a ride on.
Caitlin is also pregnant with her and husband Vik's first baby. I am about 4 weeks farther along, now at 25 weeks. It was fun to swap prego stories;-)
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Max's true love.
I guess it runs in the family because Grandma loves gelato too;-)
Another beautiful old church in the walled city of Montagnana.
Max checks out the angels.
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We took my mom up to Mt. Berico where there is a beautiful old church and great views of Vicenza.
Max and Grandma had fun exploring.

I liked this bonzai!
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Friday, 5 February 2010

Max and friends come out to play at "Romp and Stomp" playgroup.
Itsy Bitsy spider;-)
Not sure if this was singing or complaining....sometimes there is a fine line.
Max paints his hand blue in art class.
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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Yea Grandma has come to Italy to visit us!!!
We recently had lots of snow and it has not melted at Parco Querini.
Max is happy to have a new friend around and gives Grandma a leaf.

The snow is pretty but we hope it melts soon so it is a little easier to run around.
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