Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Max and I in front of our apt before my baby shower;-)
This is my friend LaVonna and I on her porch before our baby shower. Our friend Abbey threw us a joint shower last weekend which was lots of fun. I may have more pictures of the shower, but thought I should put these up while I have time;-) Little Ms Baker is expected to arrive via C-Section June 1st and her dad should arrive a few days beforehand! Wish us luck;-)
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Sunday, 23 May 2010

We had a great time with Tyler visiting us in Italy! We hope you can come back again soon;-) Thanks for all your help with Max!!!
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Max and his friend Carson share a joke....
Downtown Vicenza.
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A quick trip up the hill to Monte Berico to see the famous church and walk around the beautiful hill.
I just loved the color of these pictures! This park by the church is very small, but Max always loves it.
Yeah Spring!
Max likes picking flowers;-)
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We visited a town called Sermione which is located on a little spit that reached out into Lake Garda.
Unfortunately it was a bit overcast that day, but the castle and the boat ride were still a lot of fun.
And of course we had Gelato!
Always a crowd pleaser;-)
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One rainy day we decided to make some cookies. Max is a BIG help these days in the kitchen;-)

Sharing a taste of something delicious with Uncle Ty-Ty.
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We went with some friends of ours to a restaurant in a castle that has a mini-zoo, yes a good combo with kids.
Max and his friend Logan share the rocking thing;-)
Chase around the tree with Ty-Ty.
This is the first course.....yea! We opted to only get the first course this time around since in true Italian style the restaurant is amazingly delicious and astoundingly slow. So with two kids that needed naps the first course was just right for our group;-)
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Of course there was lots of the flying game...until Uncle Ty Ty would have to take a break!
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My brother Tyler aka Uncle Ty-Ty (must be said very fast) came back with Max and I to Italy for a visit. Here Max shows off our neighborhood park.
There were some new baby chickens at the park since we left.
Max shows us how the chicks eat.
Then decides maybe grass does not taste that good;-)
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hellooo Baby Turtle

Gramby sings a Hello song that Max has now taken on as his own. Here he starts out with Hellooo Baby Turtle. After seeing a tiny baby turtle at the park with Uncle Ty-Ty, Max talks about baby turtles a lot and often pretends he is one. I think at the end of the song he may be trying to say Hellooo Uncle Scott, but it is still a little hard to understand much of what he is saying. I will add pictures from Uncle Tyler's time in Italy soon;-)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

And amazingly a picture of the whole group with no kids crying at that moment. It was great to see all of you;-)
Max and Minna and another sweet hug;-)
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sippy cups...
more hugs....
and space ships...
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There were a few attempts at getting all 3 cousins in a photo together...well when they are actually all looking at the camera.
Snacks can help or hinder the situation.
At least they were all looking right? And Max is saying Cheese!!!
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Michael and Maren came to Pasadena with their daughter Linnea for a visit while we were there. And celebrated their anniversary;-)
Max and Linnea share some raisins.
Elisa and Scott also came down and we were able to get all 3 cousins together for the first time;-)
It was lots of fun;-)
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