Friday, 30 October 2009

Last weekend we took Max to a Halloween birthday party for a friend of ours.
Max was not very excited about putting on his duck costume, but we thought once he saw other kids in their costumes he would be glad to have his on too.
He is more interested in trucks these days than almost anything else.

When he finally realized the other kids were getting candy from the pinata he decided to check things out for himself.
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Once he figured out there was chocolate involved he was all about it.
And of course shared some with dad
and with mom;-)
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Monday, 26 October 2009

This river Fiume Bacchiglione runs through the city and makes for some pretty picturesque picture taking. To the right of this photo is Parco Querini.
This is the same river in another part of town.
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This is the first time Max has actually left his sunglasses on, we are on our way to Parco Querinin.
Max tries to show me what the chickens are doing.....
But mainly keeps saying uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, since the chickens have gone to the other side of the fence for safety
A few of the chickens
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More pictures of fabulous Parco Querini just around the corner from our house.

The weather was beautiful this weekend and these turtles were definitely taking advantage of it.

This ruin on the south side of the park is where the chickens have take up residence....not too shabby for a chicken coop.
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Max helps Dad set up book cases for our new house.
Jay works on maximizing the space in our tiny kitchen.
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Yup that's me after getting pulled on stage to do a little gig;-)
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Sunday Afternoon Gelato........mmmmmm...molto bene!
Max finds a statue to climb
Yummy treats from the Vicenza Chocolate Festival this weekend
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Max likes his new toy baskets.
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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Max tries to blow on a dandilion, but ends up with the seeds in his mouth.
Usually Max is the one doing the chasing, but these ducks seemed to have a different plan. I think Max was pretty surprised;-)
Fun with dad at the park.
These are all from our neighborhood park called Parco Querini. I will take some more pictures of all the statues that line the pathway and the rotunda, they are really beautiful. The park is home to ducks, geese, pigeons, turtles, fish and chickens. Max likes chasing them all around and then pretending he is a duck or chicken and pecking at the ground.
Here are a few pictures from our new neighborhood in downtown Vicenza. This is the Santa Lucia Chiesa (church), just around the corner from our apt and on the way to Parco Querini.
A little ally around the corner from us.
This building is across the street from us and I love the exposed brick from the original construction and the saint window.
This is our apt. We are on the 3rd floor although in Italy it is considered the 2nd floor since the ground floor is always zero. Our apt is the one with the windows and doors open and the two little terraces. We are on the backside of the building so we don't hear any street traffic which is nice. We think our building may be 400 years old or maybe more, although we have yet to get a real number from anyone. Luckily for us it was renovated about 5 years ago so everything is nice and new.

The gate

This is the view down our street, Contra Porta Santa Lucia, from outside the old city gate. Our apartment is in the fifth building down on the right. There is a salumeria at my left, but it was closed for some unknown reason yesterday. Businesses are closed a lot around here, for reposo every afternoon and maybe yesterday just because Wednesday afternoon is a terrible time to be at work.