Sunday, 2 January 2011

The most awesome Christmas wreath you, or any one, have ever seen

NB: The following post is by Jay.

Colleen tried desperately to stop me from adding this Buon Natale wreath to our Christmas trappings. She gave other reasons, but I think she secretly was insanely, raging jealous that I was the first to scope out this super, maximally awesome Italian Natale festivity thingy. She was so green with envy she made me keep it in the back room, but I bid my time and waited until we had friends over and debuted it in all its triumphal glory in front of witnesses.

Like you, I didn't think Colleen was so crazy about Christmas decorations, you know, kind of in to them in the holiday spirit like everybody else, but this year, our seventh in holy matrimony, some deep secrets are coming out;)


  1. Oh my, words cannot even begin to describe the loveliness of that little wreath. It's beauty is unheard of:)

  2. Awesome wreath! I can't wait to see it in person...hopefully next Christmas? That would be wonderful! xxoo